Equipment List

Every team and competitor of ADA ADVENTURE CHALLENGE 2012 should carry mandatory equipment. This is not advised equipment! Every team/competitor must comply with mandatory equipment list and be ready to present the equipment at registration or on the course once requested by officials. Missed mandatory equipment will lead to time penalties for missed items.

1. First aid kit – (one bandage, adhesive tape, wound dressing and six adhesive band-aids,) – pt.
2. Compass and/or GPS device – pt.
3. Bib number – pp.
4. SI card – pt.
5. Swimming cap – pp.
6. Whistle – pp.
7. Biking helmet
8. Water bottle or bladder minimum 2 l – pp.
9. Set of maps and descriptions with listed emergency contacts (provided by organization) – pp.
10. Mobile phone in waterproof bag with full charge switched on during the race – pt.

Apart from mandatory equipment above, it is recommended to look through the suggested equipment list:
1. Backpack - pp.
2. Tire repair kit - pt.
3. Sufficient nutrition for entire race. During the race it is recommended to take one gel or power bar per 40 min. This could be used for estimation purposes only, and personal requirements and preferences are vary significantly - pp.
4. Electrolyte drinks to prevent dehydration. Dehydration is a serious possibility and it is highly recommended to have special sport drinks powder with you - pp.
5. Waterproof map case or contact to cover your map - pt.
6. Trekking poles - pp.
7. Insect repellent - pt.

*pt – per team

*pp – per person


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