Rules and Regulations

• Racers are to be self sufficient and cannot ask for any outside help including--but not limited to--hydration, food, mechanical help or navigational help. However, racers are encouraged to ask for or give all of these forms of help to other racers.

• Racers are to be self-propelled at all times, and cannot use any motorized devices to aid in their travel.

• Adventure Race is to be completed in teams of two. Teammates must travel within 100 meters of each other and complete all aspects of the course together unless otherwise instructed. Teams will be allowed to punch CP only when both competitors arrive at CP.

• The course contains mandatory checkpoints (CP) marked with flags and with marshals on each CP

• To remain official, a team must: complete all CP’s; cross the finish line before the official race cutoff, and finish as a complete team.

• Electronic timing will be provided - with SI cards (Sport Ident Cards), one card per team.

• Bike helmets must be worn and securely fastened when racers are traveling with bikes.

• Whistle must be attached to all team members at all times during the race.

• Racers must respect volunteers, race marshals, and the environment or risk disqualification.

• The ranking of the race is determined by the race directors after any penalties have been awarded. Official teams will be ranked by the fastest total race time of all CPs acquired. In the case of a tie, the team with lower bib number will be ranked higher. Unofficial teams are out of the running for ranking and awards.
 Each team will be awarded with + 5 minutes as a penalty, if unable to present mandatory equipment to the race marshals, during any stage of the race.
 For loss of maps or navigation instruments, team will be awarded with + 15 minutes as a penalty.

• Missed time limits for each stage:
All teams arriving after any stage time cutoff will be disqualified.
 Swimming (250 m) - 30 minute
 Mountain biking (23 km) – 120 minutes
 Trail running/orienteering) (13 km) – 180 minutes
 Rock Climbing – 15 minutes

• Personal ID’s or Passports:
MUST be presented and deposited with the Organizers at Check-In, as a warranty for Time keeping - SI cards. Personal ID’s or Passports will be returned to the competitors during Teams Check-out when returning their SI cards to the organizer.

• If for any reason a team member is unable to finish the race, you must inform the race management as soon as possible. Your leaving the race course MUST be verified by a race official. Unless you are seriously injured, you will most likely have to ride YOUR BIKES/HIKE OR FIND AN ALTERNATE WAY back to the start/finish line. The nature of this adventure race does not permit us to promise to pick up racers who have decided not to finish.

• Disqualification from Competition:
 Disobeying instructions from a race official
 Abandoning a team member outside the checkpoints
 Unauthorized road/trail travel
 Intervention by the Organization for assistance in the water
 Non emergency use of radios or cell phones
 Non-assistance to a person in danger
 Not wearing or improperly wearing a bib number and whistle during any stage of the race.
 Not wearing a helmet or climbing harness on the climbing section.
 Use of an unauthorized means of transport.

• Loss of SI card will be charged 35 Euros

• Make sure your maps, navigation and communication devices stay weatherproofed. You will need all of these items to finish the race. Organizer is not responsible for any part of equipment being damaged, broken or lost during or after the race.
You may want to bring a highlighter to mark your maps, Ziplocs and duct tape for phone storage and map storage, etc.

• We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any race or event at all times.

• We reserve the right to change the rules and regulations maximum one hour before the start of the race.

• We reserve the right to change the race course minimum one hour before the start of the race.
• There are no refunds due to severe weather or any other natural weather effect.


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