We are excited to announce first time ever Ada Adventure Challenge in Belgrade, Serbia. This is a self-supported, one-day sprint race, navigation-based for teams of two (male, female and mixed categories). You can go as fast as you like and race to win, or take it easy with the goal to just finish the course and enjoy the adventure. This race includes swimming, mountain biking, tracking (orienteering) and artificial rock climbing. All Control points (CP’s) will have geographical coordinates. GPS tracking devices are allowed to be used during the race.

The date for your diaries is Sunday 2nd September 2012. The exact location for the Start & Finish line is at Ada Ciganlija – ‘Na Kraj Sveta’, 8:00 am.
Assembly point GPS Coordinates:


1. Swimming 250 m - accross the Savsko Jezero
2. Mountain Bike +20K - Mostly Off Road
3. Trail Running +10K - With Orienteering
4. Free Climbing - On theArtificial Rock

Teams navigate their way from the start to finish, visiting a number of checkpoints along the way.
Two different courses are being prepared to challenge teams of two –
1. the Pro course with an overall distance under 45 km (maximum distance through all CP's) and an expected winning time under 2.5 hours, and
2. the Lite course - without swimming and free climbing stage - with an overall distance under 35 km (maximum distance through all CP's) and a winning time of approximately 1.5 hours.


1. Pro All Male Seniors (18 - 44 years)
2. Pro Mixed Seniors (18 - 44 years)
3. Pro All Female Seniors (18 - 44 years)
4. Pro All Male Veterans (45 +)
5. Pro Mixed Veterans and (45 +)
6. Lite Mixed/All Male/Female Seniors. (18 +)

There will be different prizes for all the Pro and Lite courses . First 3 teams in Pro All Male Seniors category will get free entries to our next event in December, up for grabs.


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